Bright Features of a City of Connecticut

Connecticut is the Southern state of New England Region of United States of America. Its Capital is Hartford, but its most significant city is New Haven which is located in the Northern part of this state. This city is situated on the New Haven harbor; this city is a most attractive tourist spot in the state, for so many tourists there are many apartments available for rent like New Haven Apartments.

This city has many attractive tourist spots one of which is the central block of the city which is the green part of the city and the second one is the harbor where people enjoy many kinds of water games. This city has developed a lot as compared to the past few years; now there are high rise buildings, parks, schools, colleges and a university which are known as Yale University.

This univers...

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Luxurious Life of Connecticut

Connecticut is a state of the USA in the Southern part. The city along its sea shores is New Haven which is in the northern part of the state. This city is an example of its own because New Haven has got its fame in a very few time. new haven apartments and houses are made in such a way so that they can provide maximum comfort to their users.

There are many notable people behind the success of this city, without them, this city could have never got so many top rankings in many fields. In early times this land was held by the Native Americans who survives on fish and maize which they grow in their fields, they used to trade with Dutch travelers who often visits this land.

Then Puritans arrived and settled down here, and they build a small town here later which was converted into the city af...

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Living in New Haven

New Haven was established in 1638 having only five hundred residents, but now according to the census of 2012, there are 130,741 residents, for such a huge number of people it requires some housing societies and apartments e.g. New Haven Apartments. New Haven has a very interesting history and geography lies within it.

This city has developed by the hard work of many important people, in early times this land was held by some Native Americans. They were living in the form of villages around the harbor, they survive on this fishes and Maize which grow on their farms. Those people used to trade with the Dutch travelers who often visited this land.

This city was originally built on Nine Square Grid leaving the center square for parks and gardens...

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Geography of New Haven

New Haven is a city in the state of Connecticut. This city was built in 1638 by English Puritans, after one year there were eight streets on this land which is now recognized as Nine Square Plan. There are currently many housing apartments in New Haven such as New Haven Apartments.

This city now covers 20.1 SQ. Miles of total area, only 18.7 SQ. Miles covers the land and rest of the area is covered in water. This city has the large and deep harbor. It is Similar to New York Metropolitan area. In the summer season, the climate is very hot and humid with the average temperature of 80F which stays 70 days every year.

In summer season warm and humid air blows from Bermuda High with thundershowers sometimes, winters here are much cool and bring rain and snowfall which results in a great mass of...

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Marvellous Featured Apartments

Every person dreams of a luxurious lifestyle for himself and his family. Every person wants to earn more and more money. First of all, people wants to get a full luxurious home where he and his family can live comfortably and peacefully. In New Haven Apartments and homes are very comfortable and provides you all luxuries of life.

There are many types of apartments depending on their size and facilities. Different types of apartments provide different facilities, some of them are large, and some are very small which can facilitate only one person.

Every type of apartment has its name e.g. a single bedroom small apartment is a Studio Apartment and multi bedrooms large size apartment is known as Penthouse. Similarly, there are several other categories in apartments and houses.

Small apartment...

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